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Robert Kilroy-Silk: workshy layabout

Heh – I’d missed this while away, but going back through those anti-Kilroy posts got me hunting around for news of the silver-haired idiot, who appears to have been keeping an uncharacteristically low profile of late.

So anyway, a bunch of his MEP colleagues are complaining about the guy, and it’s likely to kick off again this week now that the European Parliament’s back up and running.

The East Midlands MEPs who have written to complain about Kilroy’s lack of attendance to his duties include two Tories and a Labourite, as well as someone from UKIP, and based on the little it’s possible to find out about what Kilroy (or any MEP for that matter, now that seems to be down) gets up to in Brussels they appear to have a point. According to the MEPs in question, Kilroy last signed the plenary session attendance register on April 12.

Of course, you could argue that as Kilroy doesn’t believe that the EU should exist, let alone the European Parliament, he’s actually sticking to his principles by attending as little as he legally can, and that those who voted for him would have wanted him to do nothing less (or is that more?). Additionally, by not signing on as often as he could do, he’s actually scabbing less money off the European taxpayer than many of his eurosceptic former chums.

But still – what are the ethics of electing a representative who doesn’t believe in the institution which he/she is meant to be a representative at? Are there comparisons to be made between Kilroy and Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams? Probably, but that would be affording far more serious consideration to the man than he deserves. There’s no principle involved here, because Kilroy’s promise on his election was to “wreck” the EU. He can hardly do that while swanning around forming pointless new political parties and then quitting them as soon as it becomes clear that they are singular failures. Much as, based on the recent lack of coverage this publicity-hungry maniac has been getting, he now appears to be. Hurrah!

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