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Tube Bombs 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sorry… Predictable, but couldn’t resist…

Liveblog coverage here

A brief roundup of today’s blog coverage:, Tim Worstall, Andrew Ian Dodge, Yorkshire Ranter, Counterterrorism Blog, A Fistful of Euros, Bloggledygook, WikiNews, Blood and Treasure, Wizbang, Jeff Quinton, Uncle Sam’s Cabin, La Shawn Barber’s Corner, Mark in Mexico, Londonist, Resurrection Song, Michelle Malkin, Terrorism Unveiled

Let me know of any other good coverage so I can get this a bit more comprehensive.

Oh, and if anyone tracks down that Financial Times blog roundup from earlier today, can you let me know? I buggered up the link in the earlier post and now can’t find it again…

FT Link via our man at Bloggledygook – cheers!

By the by, sounds like Oval and Hackney Road are still cordoned off (as of 19:30) – may be unexploded devices knocking around. And Europhobia’s own Matt was by Warren Street tube when this all kicked off, as were a couple of other good friends (the joys of being ex-UCL…). All a tad shaken, obviously, but will be taking the piss before the day’s out, I have no doubt.

Update: Most sensible response of the day so far. (Note: that last statement may contain traces of sarcasm…)

Update again: Earlier reports of a black/asian man with wires hanging out of his pocket being looked for at UCH seem to have been nonsense. And the guy arrested on camera in Whitehall merely happened to have dark skin was an innocent bystander. As of yet, no confirmed – released – descriptions of the bombers, which is odd.

This also means, as the guy reported arrested near Warren Street has also been released, that all four are – as far as we know – still at large. But not for long – not with that amount of CCTV and witnesses, not to mention the intact rucksacks and unexploded bombs.

Still, all round this looks very much like the underwhelming sequel – more Batman and Robin than Batman Returns.