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Terrorism: a piece of piss

Reuters reports a new leak hinting at another “intelligence failure”, this time about how we seemed taken by surprise by the London bombs:

“Pressure on the country’s intelligence services intensified on Tuesday with the leaking of a memo in which they said just weeks before the London bombings that there was no group with the motive and means to attack.”

Of course, it might have helped if our boys hadn’t had their mole uncovered by our closest allies, but still – that remains unproven…

Is this another attempt to shift the blame? We’ve already had accusations that it was thanks to the Iraq war (dismissed by the government, obviously), Islam’s “evil” nature (by idiots), the BNP (my little contribution), the EU (probably) and God knows who else. Why not shunt it onto the one group of people who are doing their utmost to protect us from terrorism?

“Not my fault.” says Tony, “I was acting on the very best intelligence.” – Sound familiar?

Of course, what this could be an indication of (my personal favourite theory) is merely that it’s a piece of piss to conduct a terrorist attack. You don’t need some vast intergalactic conspiracy of bearded men in caves. All you need is some desperate, stupid and psychotic people, access to the internet, and someone with the balls to track down some explosives. Or has every single suicide bomber on the West Bank or in Iraq since the occupation (yet more today, surprise surprise) been part of some vast, James Bond style organisation?

Yes, it’s a worrying prospect that any nutter with a bomb could blow us all to shit. That doesn’t make it not true.

Remember that poor young mother walking her kid who got stabbed in the neck by some random stranger? That could happen to anyone at any time. The fact that it doesn’t is less to do with the lack of vast networks of psychotic knifemen, all planning their next strike in some sinister underground lair, or even with the brilliant job our security services are doing (and they are, most of the time). It has a lot more to do with the fact that the vast, vast majority of people are not sociopaths.

That old IRA quote about them only having to be lucky once was bandied around a lot last week. It’s spot on. Just because a terrorist attack succeeds does not necessarily mean it was meticulously planned. The buggers may have easily just got lucky. It may easily have just been a (relatively) spur of the moment thing.

I called it a while back – wankerish amateurs. The more I hear about our pathetic little bombers, the more I’m convinced it’s true.


  1. Assassin, from the arabic Hashisheen. Back during the middle ages some bloke called Hassan I Sabbah (I think I've spelt that right) came up with the Idea that assasination is'nt difficult, getting away with it is. Therfore he told his followers thay would go to paradise if they died on the job. I'm suprised his name has not appeared more recently.


    So Dr Rice, the Neocon bitch-in-chief is back in her favorite country Eretz Israel to �facilitate prime minister�s Sharon� work��. I kind of wonder what that means: give him a few extra billions in US taxpayers� money?
    The true reason for Condi�s visit is that she�s eager to get a firsthand look at the Israeli Defense Forces in action while they massacre their way out of the Gaza strip: the IDF�s �Jenin model� has actually become America�s exemplary template for �combating urban Arab insurgency� and dealing with recalcitrant �terrorists� from Fallujah in the �Sunni triangle� to the southern Philippine island of Mindanao
    Many Israeli and US Neocon policy makers actually still deny the fact that mass massacres ever took place in Jenin, Fallujah or Qandahar: you can hear them they say (with a Texan/Yiddish accent): �Massacre? Oh no, not again! Are you one of these wicked Islamic propagandists who try to have us believe the noble IDF/US marines ever killed innocent civilians?

    Let there be no doubt about who's to blame here: bloody "Ayrabz" and other "Terroritzeem". . .

    Let�s take Jenin simply for the sake of argument- but the same applies to Fallujah and Qandahar (not to mention Ryadh and Mecca which are next on the Pharisaic �pacification� list!)� Why do the Jenin refugee camps exist in the first place? They're located in "the A-zone" i.e. under the Palestinian Authority's direct rule, right? With billions in oil revenues these turbaned thugs receive from their friends in the Gulf (these decadent monarchs have spent their life �subsidizing terror�- they even financed the Gulf War…), Arafat and Abbas could have turned Jenin into a vibrant city in the middle of the desert, it could have been the Vegas of Arabia . . . But instead, they kept on inciting terror. Rummy and Ariel are darn right: �terroritzeem� simply can�t redeem themselves!

    Why reject America�s visionary �Vegas in Arabia� peace plan we gracefully offered them at Camp David? After all, Native Palestinians are no better than Native Americans� Look at these nice reserves we�ve build for redskins in Oklahoma and Minnesota! These degenerates are real happy over there- lotsa casinos, and fresh beer and stuff. I know Israelis are �generous peaceniks��the West Bank accounts for 22% of Historic Palestine, and the PA's �A-zone� for a third of the West Bank: 7% of their original homeland, that�s much more than what American Indians got.

    Palestinians should thank their Hebrew masters for being so �compassionate�. I mean, our ancestors did exterminate 95% of Native Americans, that�s much more than Arike and Rumsfeld massacred in Jenin and Fallujah.
    I tell ya, Israelis are simply too �gentle� (sorry for the oxymoron!) with these bloody �Ayrabz��
    They should try a little conservative tenderness instead � Yeah, that�s right �compassionate conservatism� rules!

  3. Sorry – come again?

  4. Please don't ask him to come again, or he will.