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Spot on

Simon Jenkins is spot-on in the Sunday Times:

“The streets of London are alive with like dangers, with people who shoot, kill and maim dozens of people a year. We fight them all, whatever their proffered and spurious justification.

“So what purpose was served last week by police crying, ‘They’re still out there and trying to get you’? What good are daily briefings on ‘the inevitability’ of another attack? Street killings are inevitable, too. Apart from the gratuitous damage to public confidence and business, why stoke the very fears, hatreds and antagonisms that the bombers want stoked? Just get on and find the bombers, without publicising their allegedly awesome power to deflect blame from any deficiencies in public safety. Half the British Establishment seems to have signed up to the League of Friends of Terrorism.”

Read the whole thing. Then mark the irony of the front page of the Times being dominated by the story Third terror cell on lose

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