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Reader vote excitement*!

*may actually mean mind-numbing tedium

Being, as I am, currently drunk and reading blogs on a crappy computer with the slowest internet connection I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing since about 1997, I’ve realised something irritating about my very own blog (other than the incompetence, ill-formed opinions and unoriginal invective, naturally).

To wit: clicking the comments link, then waiting for the page to load, then clicking again before being able to leave a comment can be fucking dull.

So, I’m putting it to a vote – who wants me to change the comments thing to one of those little pop-up window jobbies?

As this is Britain, which ever option (“pop-up” or “as is”) gets 22% of the votes will win. Or first past the post, I dunno. And I may change my mind later.

Did I mention I was drunk?