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Olympics again

Enough of the Olympics nonsense. How about reading Jarndyce on something that actually MATTERS?

Although I feel I should point out that the initial estimated budget of the 2012 London Olympics (£2.375 billion), likely to rise, could – based on Jarndyce’s sums – pay for 999,579 better childhoods. Nearly a million children given a better chance, or a bunch of adults mindlessly competing in games that most of us gave up when we were twelve?


  1. Congratulations to London on winning the competition for the Olympics. It worked out great for Sydney and they did a terrific job with it also. It's also a win for the athletes and visitors. I know which of the two towns I'd rather spend some time in. Wouldn't bring a bag lunch either, like poor Jaques.

    Now I'll leave you guys to celebrate in the usual English way; by insulting everyone involved and finding a raft of reasons why the sodding thing is a bloody disaster. Have fun!

    Again, sincere congratulations.

  2. But if they scrapped the ID Card the money needed for that, using the lower estimate of �12billion, could play for 4 Olympic Games and still have some change.