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Note to all the people arriving here from Google searches for “pissing” – Eeeeew…

Note to self – stop swearing so much…

Update: Oddly, pissing and swearing has turned into a discussion of the IRA’s statement in the comments…

Update 2: Tony Blair has referred to the IRA’s statement as “a step of unparalleled magnitude”. Now we KNOW it means tit all…


  1. "Note to self – stop swearing so much…".. Bloody hard habit to shed, sod it.

  2. Hey, just read on NOS Teletekst that the IRA is putting down their arms. Any background yet?

  3. Guy – there have been rumours about this for days. Doesn't necessarily mean much though, because the "Real IRA" and various other paramilitary terror groups have made no indication that they plan to do likewise.

    What would REALLY make a difference is if the IRA announced that they were going to give up on organised crime and gangland-style beatings, kneecappings etc.

  4. Thanks for the answer, Nosemonkey. Not really what my naieve mind hoped for, but expected. The organised crime bit had escaped me, though. I just quoted you on this on my blog, is that alright?

  5. Guy – of course. the organised crime stuff I was referring to was largely to do with the Northern Bank robbery, but members of the IRA have also been arrested in Columbia doing deals with drugs barons, and have been linked to a number of gun-running operations more in keeping with the Russian mafia than a freedom fighting or terrorist organisation.

  6. I'm not holding my breath. Its a statement that goes further than any before, but doesn't go anywhere near far enough. There is no disbandment, so the organisation retains its capacity to carry out criminal actions, intimidate and exercise control over its territory, ie break legs and crucify those who step out of line, and ultimately, it still has the resources if it needs to go back to "war." By that, even with decommisioning, it can re-arm itself. A point made many times by the Republican leadership. I would love for them to prove me wrong, but they are a bunch of slippy tits who can't be trusted.

    And before someone says it, I know that trust is the name of the game. Its just that if you look at their actions rather than their words its not very encouraging.

    And don't listen too much to Blair as he talks about the IRA not being as bad as Al-Quaida "because they wouldn't try to murder 3000 people." Well not in one go anyway.

  7. The nice thing about a change from a terrorist organisation to an organised crime group means a lot less killing. Mafia (mafii?) really don't like to kill, it takes a lot of effort.
    "I'm a businessman, blood's a big expense"

  8. David – wholeheartedly seconded. He's an absolute arse.

  9. I mean, when the hell will the situation be acceptable for him? NIers might have to wait until Paisley is dead before they can get any kind of workable self-government.

    I can understand the reluctance to work with Sinn Fein considering the past, but this statement is practically stonewalling. Its almost as if that it doesnt matter that the war is over…