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  1. Intriguing poll. I kindly suggest to those 1 in 5 British Muslims who think they have 'integrated too much already' that they fuck off back to Wifeburningistan, or wherever it is they come from.
    Excuse my dyspeptic post. Double espresso for breakfast.

  2. Well, I understand that hundreds of thousands of Muslims have thought about leaving Britain after the London bombings, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll, as they might feel uncomfortable! But what about South American Catholics who get shot in a railway stations?

  3. Regarding the second link, it seems to parallel a Homer Simpson truism:
    "Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."
    Evidently Blair is much like a beer in this respect.

    As far as the poll, it seems to have something for everyone. It all depends on how you view it. Some will take heart that 90% of Muslims reject violence as part of a political process. Others will point out that if 10% of British Muslims support 'violence', then that's 160000 potential bombers.

    Of course, there is a considerable difference between answering a poll question and actually strapping on a backpack full of explosives…not that the BNP types will bother to make that distinction. Polls are simply too easy to distort into whatever you want them to be.

    "Integration" is really the issue, though, as Sean eloquently points out. Do recent immigrants (Muslim or not) "buy in" to their adopted country? If not, trouble is sure to follow. It's not necessary for Nigel from Wifeburningistan to give up his religion or his core belief system, but he will, in fact, have to adjust. If his beliefs and values are completely incompatible with liberal British society (for example, he insists that burning his wife Edith is his inalienable right), then conflict will result. The "host" country has to be accomodating, of course, but in the end it was Nigel's choice to move to Britain…and he should expect to adjust accordingly.

    The poll doesn't seem to address the question of how long these people have been in the country. Is there a difference in views between third-generation Muslims and those who moved to Britain in the last few years? I'd be curious to know…

    It's a nasty issue with no particularly easy answers, unfortunately.

  4. The question for the Muslims who wish to depart is whether they plan to return to Stanistan, or move on the Bushistan?

  5. I'm a bit suspicious about the Times poll, the Scotsman had one yesterday ( said that support for his handling has dropped by 14% in 2 weeks.

    I guess the fact that the poll which is more favourable to Bliar is in a Murdoch paper, is completely coincidental…