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�83.46 for each British citizen

That’s how much the “War on Terror” has cost, according to the budget. �4.9 billion. That’s �4,900,000,000 – a lot of zeros.

Would you look at that? This money could have been used to fund ID cards for every citizen, and still leave the government with at least �1.965 billion change.

In addition, the defence budget is being increased by �400 million. That could have paid for a new “super-hospital”.

Taken as a whole, that �4.9 billion could have paid, let’s face it, for a whole load of nice stuff. How about a digital set-top box for every British citizen plus change for a couple of pints? Actually, sod the digital box – how about 33 pints each?

They haven’t quite got the right idea, this government. Who cares about far-off lands of which we know nothing? Get us all pissed – that’s how you win votes.

Update: Well, I suppose it could be worse…