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Convenient coincidence?

One thing that always makes me chuckle going through London these days is the announcement you always get on the tube: “In this time of heightened security…” Of course, the very fact that they have to make such an announcement shows just how insecure we’re all supposed to be feeling.

Today, Home Secretary Charles Clarke’s delightful plan to give himself the power to lock us all up without trial is going to be rushed through the Commons. Labour’s huge majority and Blair’s mindless lackeys will easily be enough to see it through. But the press and public is still hostile (bar Rupert Murdoch’s lot at the Sun, News of the World and Times – total readership well in excess of all the other national newspapers put together). Even the Prime Minister’s wife – a far, far better legal mind than old Tony will ever be, whether you like the woman or not – is vehemently opposed.

The complacency of the public is dangerous, do you hear? By worrying about our freedoms and the ability to live our lives unimpeded we’re only aiding the terrorists.

So, is it just me who finds it a tad suspicious that today – of all days – has been chosen for the launch of the London Metropolitan Police’s new “terrorism awareness” campaign?

Update: Something told me I wouldn’t be the only one…

Update 2: Remember, folks – BE AFRAID – “there are several hundred of them in this country who we believe are engaged in plotting or trying to commit terrorist acts”.

We can’t PROVE it, of course… You’ll just have to take our word for it. And hey, we wouldn’t lie to you, would we?