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Ukrainian deja vu

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas / non-denominational festive celebration thing, and congrats to those Ukrainian chappies I’ve been on and off in touch with for the apparent victory of their man. Let’s hope he can live up to the hype (assuming he ever gets sworn in)

The results, for those who have been even more out of touch than I, were:

Yuschenko 51.21%, Yanukovych 44.01%


I have no idea if these results are accurate, as I have been (and, indeed, still am) stuck in the provinces for the Christmas period on a dial-up modem with bugger-all connection speed and thus utterly out of touch with the world. The Ukraine situation seems to pale somewhat in the light of the massive death toll from the Indian Ocean earthquake, but still – this blog was one of the first outside the region to pick up on what was going on, so no comment at all on the re-run election would be a tad amiss. This is the first chance I’ve had. Sorry all…

The deja vu? Well, apparently Yanukovych is contesting the results. I never thought this would end easily, and it seems this may be the case. I’ll try and have more on this shortly, but have no idea when I’m getting back to civilisation. Happy New Year just in case.

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