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Ukraine crisis continued – any solution?

This follows on from this, this, this and this, which between them provide a chronology of events and coverage from 7pm on Monday 22nd November until 11pm on Wednesday 24th (London time). I’ll continue to keep a close eye on the situation, but for tonight, it seems calm. For now.

Nick at Fistful has a final update, and a few thoughts which pretty much tally with mine:

“there were points this afternoon where I thought we could be just a short while away from a dramatic descent into violence on the streets of Kiev and elsewhere. As rumours flew around Kiev and echoed onto the internet (and as I mentioned in an email earlier tonight, we probably heard only 10% of the stories that were chinese whispered around the streets) it seemed as though the CEC meeting and declaration was going to be a flashpoint after which it would all go up. It would have been easy for Yanukovich to take power and move against the opposition then – as the reports suggested he would – and it�s to his credit that he has opened up a bit of space for air with his comments that no political position is worth anyone�s life.”

Lets hope the calm and rationality of these two deeply opposed sides can prevail, and that no matter how the presidency is settled, bloodshed can be avoided.

Victor sums up the mood in Kiev: “There are a lot of rumours, people are uninformed. But overall people are happy… Sorry if I am confusing you with contraversial information, but at least you can get the atmosphere…”

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